Sunday, August 2, 2009

Well i am off to South Africa tomorrow morning. You all know that there is going to be some crazy stories coming out of this trip. Hope you all are doing good.


I might be one of the few snowflakes that can sing along to The Roots. It was a very good bumpin concert.
Flavor Fave even joined them on stage. In one of his songs he says "flavor is in everything that is why you love Flavor Fave". Yes he did sport a big clock around his neck and a clASSy gold grill.
They put on such a good show because they just like good music. No matter if it is rock, country, folk, and some LDS church music (maybe?).

Noah Nicole

This little lady loves to spend the night at her aunts house. I think i might have killed it for myself this time because the next day i had her run errands with me all day. I made up for it i hope by letting her pick where she wanted to go for lunch.

Noah packs her luggage before she even ask if she can spend the night. I call that skills.

Back up clothes were packed because she says "you never no what Lisa has planned". Even my 9 year old niece knows how random i am.
Yes we did take about 7 helium balloons from Anji's house so we could talk funny all night long. I think the helium got to Noah head because she made a Nacho Libre mask out of a balloon.
luv ya noah