Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Family, Food, Friends, Fireworks

4 of my favorite F words. My sister had a party at her home for the 4th of July.

Some of my nieces and nephews

I didnt know that there was going to be costumes, I love dressing up.

Noah and I
(don't you love the skull that are up all year around)

Baby Harley

(Katie and Nate Mills news baby)

Baby Jake

(Eva and Doug little guy)

Yes I did make him pose like a old man.

Anjala (the party planner) and I

Katie was kneeling down by my chair that I was sitting in. Then when she was about to get up she pushed onto the arm of the chair that I was sitting in and made the chair's leg pop out, hitting her right in the tummy. This would only happen to her. (she is going to hate me for posting this)

Mellisa and I sang are little hearts out

We only had one fan.
Thanks Brody

This years July 4th weekend was a little different for me then last years but i have learn a lot and can't wait to see how my life will be on the 4th next year.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

is that a cup your wearing or are you just happy to see me?

July 3rd my mom called me and asked if i would like to go to the area 51's baseball game. Since i usually have something going on she was so glad that i said yes. ( she just likes me want can i say) On the drive down to Cashman field my brother was hunger and couldn't wait until we got to the game to get something. So we went though a drive- thru. Let me help you picture this: Five chubby adults crammed into a ford five hundred, on a hot day going though the drive-thru and only ordering one value meal(he didn't get it supper sized either). As we rolled up to the window I said that the lady was probably thinking "man look at what the economy has come too that five chubby adults have to share one hamburger." we laugh for a awhile about that which lead into making the situation more and more funny.

The game was not that exciting so i am glad that i brought a backpack full of magazines i wanted to look at. But the fireworks show was very well done i thought.

I sometimes ask myself how I became so normal with parents like this. Look at my pops with some random hat half way on so that his head doesn't get a sunburned. My mom with her festive shirt and a pimp cane to match. (she had hip surgery about a month ago and yes i do ask her every time I see her if she can to the splits yet.)
Even though i joke around about my family it is done with love because i do have fun with them..... well sometimes.

Hate it when you get carded

I like to keep an extra 54 pounds on me so that i don't have wrinkle (really i just enjoy me some food) but the down fall to this is that it makes me look like i am 18. Yes this is a special bracelet that i am wearing when you look younger than 21 and your ID gets checked by three count them: one, two, three security guards. My ID looked fake and wouldn't even pass though a special machine that makes sure your ID is real.

Tiffany comes back home

Well just for the weekend. It was so fun to have my friend Tiffany come to town last weekend. (i have to give her a shout out and dedicate my first post to her. She is the one that actually sat me down with my computer and went step by step on this blogging thing.) We shopped, ate and laughed which i didn't mind because those are some of my favorite things. Bless her heart she even had to see what life is like for me as a fancy single lady. I haven't got any pictures from her yet but Tiffany wrote about it on her blog ( i can't sum it up better then her.) I miss and love you Tiff