Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm going back to africa, africa, africa.... i'm going back to africa

Well i wish i was.

I guess i will just start from the first stop.

You know i didn't know what to think when i was on my way to Africa because i would hear so many different things good and bad about it. So i just hoped for the best and that is what i got.

It was a little crazy getting there because we were flying standby(which i have never done and don't know if i would do get again. it just stressed me out) so we had to hurry and change flights to go to cape town first then Johannesburg. But while this crazy amazing race (that i thought i was on) was happening we ran into a bunch of missionaries, in the Atlanta airport that had just left the mtc and where on their way to Italy. It is crazy how you could feel the spirit that was with them and me i hope. They gave me two pass along cards which a did handout. (2 points)

Does it look like i have been up for 40 hours?

This is are room in Johannesburg. It was so nice to finally not be vertical.

We made this sign that said thanks ken for are wonderful travel man. We would put it in the most crazy places to say thanks. This cafe had the best melon juice.

more to come.


  1. Hey that looks so cool! Keep the pictures coming. I live my vacations through yours. =) It's sounds way amazing that you went, I'm glad you share with us all your adventures! We love you!
    rich, ash, parker, and cole. =)

  2. YAY! Glad we are getting a little bit of the adventure. Can't wait for more! makes me want to travel!

  3. Well - I'm pleased as punch to find this little blog, even if it has been awhile since this promise of "more to come." I'm gonna go ahead and subscribe and maybe I'll get a surprise when you post one of these days.

    Love you TONS! (Even if we never talk)