Tuesday, July 7, 2009

is that a cup your wearing or are you just happy to see me?

July 3rd my mom called me and asked if i would like to go to the area 51's baseball game. Since i usually have something going on she was so glad that i said yes. ( she just likes me want can i say) On the drive down to Cashman field my brother was hunger and couldn't wait until we got to the game to get something. So we went though a drive- thru. Let me help you picture this: Five chubby adults crammed into a ford five hundred, on a hot day going though the drive-thru and only ordering one value meal(he didn't get it supper sized either). As we rolled up to the window I said that the lady was probably thinking "man look at what the economy has come too that five chubby adults have to share one hamburger." we laugh for a awhile about that which lead into making the situation more and more funny.

The game was not that exciting so i am glad that i brought a backpack full of magazines i wanted to look at. But the fireworks show was very well done i thought.

I sometimes ask myself how I became so normal with parents like this. Look at my pops with some random hat half way on so that his head doesn't get a sunburned. My mom with her festive shirt and a pimp cane to match. (she had hip surgery about a month ago and yes i do ask her every time I see her if she can to the splits yet.)
Even though i joke around about my family it is done with love because i do have fun with them..... well sometimes.


  1. That is a great story about the drive thru! It always comes back to the economy! Your family is great. Good call on the mags, baseball is boring. I went to our local b-ball game down here in CA and the highlight was my cousin singing the National Anthem, and then the fireworks for sure!

  2. That's pretty great your Mom has a pimp cane.