Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hate it when you get carded

I like to keep an extra 54 pounds on me so that i don't have wrinkle (really i just enjoy me some food) but the down fall to this is that it makes me look like i am 18. Yes this is a special bracelet that i am wearing when you look younger than 21 and your ID gets checked by three count them: one, two, three security guards. My ID looked fake and wouldn't even pass though a special machine that makes sure your ID is real.


  1. Awww Lisa, you need a new DL photo. Ha ha! That is hilarious. But hey, at least you aren't drinking so they are safe.

  2. AHhaha, the best is when you get carded, even though you don't even drink!! I love that you think you have 54 extra pounds. please! you are one hot mama!